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Pancasakti International Conferences Engineering and Computer Science 2022 (PISECO 2022)
Wednesday, 20 July 2022
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1st Pancasakti International Conference on Engineering and Computer Science (PISECO) will be held during July 20 – July 21 2022. Environmental issues are very important and take attention to most countries in the world. Regional planning and development considering environmental sustainability is mandatory in recent years. In other word the development of an area should be considering the sustainable environment. Innovation in sciences and technologies is compulsion in all disciplines including on regional planning and development.

A collaboration between various fields of knowledge is needed to tackle the sustainable development issue, such as environmental problems, sustainable regional planning, and management. The development of research and technology addressing those issues is very progressive. Also, it potentially improves to build a cross field collaboration between the institutions at the international level

PISECO have other purpose is to improve scientific information exchange among researchers, developers, engineers, students, and practitioners. This conference will be organised annualy to provide an excellent platform for individuals to discuss their their perspectives and experiences in the fields of environmental science and development, as well as related fields.

Focus and Scope:

Mechanical Engineering of Sustainable Energy Development;
Industrial Technology Engineering and Ergonomics of Sustainable Energy Development;
Civil Engineering;
Internet of Things (IoT);
Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Concept;
Operations Research and Analysis Engineering Economic ;
Analysis Facilities Engineering and Energy Management;
Advanced materials in waste and pollution management;
Materials for Green Technology and Catalysis;
Green Manufacturing;
Sustainable development and Environmental Engineering;
Recent Approaches in Renewable Energy;
Smart Materials & Advanced Functional Materials;
Engineering and Structural Materials;
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